All About Masquerade Proms: The Theme, Masks, and Dresses

For as long as schools have been having proms, there has been no shortage of unique themes for this special occasion in a young person’s life. The Masquerade Prom theme is one of the most popular, because of the style, elegance, and fun that it offers.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the different aspects of this theme, such as masquerade prom dresses and of course, masquerade masks for prom. Read on to get some great ideas for the perfect outfit and masks to make the most of this great theme!

Masquerade Prom Theme Ideas

Masquerade Prom masks

The masquerade prom theme is special in that it combines a certain classy vibe that you would want for a prom, as well as the fun of dressing up and the mystery of wearing masks.  The characteristics of a masquerade prom include lavish centerpieces and decorations that can be inspired by a variety of ideas.  City themes, Mardi Gras, and 1920′s ballroom decor all can be used to adorn the prom location.

Masquerade Masks for Prom

Metal mask for prom


Masquerade Prom Mask

Great masquerade masks are what really makes this prom theme unique and fun.  There are so many variations of masks that can be worn, which allows all of the couples attending to be able to bring their own individual style to their outfits and create a memorable look.

Black and silver, black and gold, and black and white are some of the most popular colors for masquerade prom masks.  In the above pictures, you can see two examples of our most popular masks for prom.

Prom Masks for Couples

Prom masks for couplesMasquerade masks for couples

One of the most exciting parts of going to a prom with a masquerade theme is the chance for the students to choose a pair of matching masks that compliment each other.  It’s a great way for the couple to express their own unique style in unison, and to really make their experience their own.

Couples can choose to go with more traditional styles of masks and simply choose matching colors, or they can pick a set of masks that are unique and really makes them stand out from the crowd together.  They may choose to wear scary masks, or a set that showcases a particular look, such as superheroes.

Above are just two of the masquerade mask couples sets that we feature on our website.

Prom Masks for Men


W-2318 GRORP CLASSIC VENETIAN CLEAN 8 Prom masks for men can come in many styles.  Lots of guys want something with less decoration and a little more masculine, but there are plenty who go with a more decorated look as well.  The most important thing for a men’s prom mask is that it matches and compliments his date’s mask.

The mask above is a long-nosed, ‘classical ‘ style of venetian mask.  These are very popular for masquerade proms, along with the Italian & hand-decorated masks that we have in our collection of styles.

Prom Masks on a Stick

Prom mask on a stickProm mask for girls on stick

One of the most popular styles of prom masks for women going to prom are masks on a stick.  These are great because they give you freedom to hold a mask up to your face for photos when you’d like to, but the mask doesn’t have to press against your face and interfere with that expensive hair and makeup job!

Many girls choose to get masks in this style for that reason.  Also, they give you that classic, elegant look that many women really love.

Masquerade Prom Dresses

Masquerade Dress Couple

Masquerade dresses can vary in style greatly, and really can be whatever you’d like them to be.  A lot of girls are unsure of what particular style or design a masquerade prom dress is supposed to have, but there is no specific type of masquerade dress.  Like the one in the picture above, they can be just like a traditional dress.  Or, they can be made in a more classical masquerade style, with big billowing layers that hang down to the floor and beyond.

The most important thing about a masquerade dress is that it matches your mask well.  Both the masquerade mask and prom dress should compliment each other, with neither one overpowering the other.